This is the start of a list of items, classes, and other preparation for students starting in a design major:
1.  Design classes, particularly design studios will take twice the amount of time the units states.  For example, a 4 unit studio will take six to eight units worth of your time.
2.  Do not take more than two studios at one time.
3.  Intermingle general ed classes throughout your time at university.  This also helps fill your schedule.
4.  Take art and/or design history classes as soon as you can.  These classes are also unique--do not underestimate how much time the reading and slide memorization will take you.
5.  Design school/studio is typically an individual sport.  Please be aware that design in the real world is a team based environment with clients that change their mind.

Have any other recommendations for being ready for design school?  Message me.
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