View of bar and raised bar seating
Orchid Thai Midtown 
Sacramento, CA
This restaurant tenant improvement is the second location for Orchid Thai and its first in midtown--a more urban environment than the original location.
Wanting to set the location apart from other Thai restaurants in the midtown area, we decided on the concept:  Modern Thailand.  We included several nods to Thai decor and culture, but kept the overall palette modern and clean to keep the focus on Orchid's delicious and beautiful food.  This included toning down the typical polished gold to brushed brass on the bar paneling and substituting exotic mahogany with a Northern California Black Walnut in a matte finish.  
Orchid flowers, being central to our concept, are there to bring color and texture to the restaurant:  from the three-dimensional display on bar side to the over-sized mural in the dining.  For lighting, the ninety-nine pendant lights, which have the appearance of a starry skyline from the outside, mirror the scattering of orchids, while the curvature of the bar soffit reflects that curvature of the orchid petal.  The overall effect is a calming and warm environment, which allows you to enjoy your dinner and stay for the equally complex and delightful craft cocktails, inspired by Thai ingredients and culture.
Design Team:  John Terry, Frederic Herbere, Andrew Anderson, Cherrylou Soriano, and Bolor Saruul
Graphic Design (signage, online, menus, etc):  Andy Duong
Photography:  Kal Alves
Contractor:  D&S
Completed 2015
Floor Plan
View of bar and raised bar seating
View of bar.  California Walnut soffit and bar top.  Brushed brass paneling.
Detail shot of the California Walnut bar top and brushed brass paneling with 1" reveal.
View to raised bar seating.
Raised bar seating with custom orchid silk flower polyptych.
Orchid silk flower polyptych.
Tom Dixon pendants
View to main dining area with ninety-nine orange colored corded pendants.
View to banquette seating and oversized painted mural of three orchid flowers.  Color niches signify different program areas, in this case, the orange niche is for the restrooms.
View looking back over the dining area towards the entry and outside.
View to outside dining area.
View to outside dining area.
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