Ring Light

Ring Light: The Ring Light distills the chandelier to its simplest form. Utilizing high quality, high output LED strips, the light mimics the chandelier structure in a minimal and embellishment-free manner. The rings can function independently or be stacked for visual interest, serving as chandelier or pendant lighting. Bead chain matching the ring finish is strung between the ring to reflect the light and highlight the form. Any typical lighting finish is available and color is also an option for both the ring(s) and the bead chain. Finishes: nickel plated brass with 2700K LED strip with 12 Volt transformer
 Cylinder: 6” (152mm) diameter by 12” (305mm) tall Hexagon: 16” (406mm) diameter by 24” (610mm) tall. Chandelier: 30” (762mm) diameter by 30” tall

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